Company: "Norbert Schramm"

pure entertainment on ice

"Norbert Schramm - pure entertainment on ice" is a production company for figure skating ice shows, which are presented at any kind of theme park, casino, festival, mall, ice rink, fair, dinner spectacle, theater, hotel, convention, or any other event with ice skaters. Mr. Schramm has organized many corporate and industrial events over the years for Mastercard, Nestle, HDN, Securitas, Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods, to name a few.

In 1984 Norbert Schramm turned professional and joined a German ice skating tour with his first production, "Gala on Ice". For this show he hired Canadian figure skating legend, Olympic champion and renowned artist Toller Cranston.

In the 1990's Norbert Schramm toured all over Europe (Germany, France, Andorra, Switzerland and Austria) with his own "Stars on Ice" production. Skaters like the legendary World Champion Denise Biellmann, World and Olympic Champions Natalia Bestemianova & Andrei Bukin, Isabelle & Paul Duchesnay, World Champion Christine Errath, Surya Bonaly, Margot Göbl & Franz Ningel and Sabine Baeß & Tobias Schröter, World Junior Champion Karin Hendschke and Janina Wirth, European Champions Igor Bobrin, Jozef Sabovcik, Claudia Leistner and Claudia Kristofics-Binder and many more were starring in his ice shows.

In the summer of 2001 Mr. Schramm created a massive media event for "Message Management", a special collaboration by "Holiday on Ice" and Germany's leading broadcaster's popular show "ARD Fernseh-Lotterie". These were open air ice skating shows that were presented as part of the IFA BERLIN, the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics. Norbert Schramm was able to pull together a cast consisting of celebrities, professional skaters, young skaters competing for a scholarship and handicapped children. The show was so successful that Mr. Schramm's creative marketing idea was incorporated into the regular program of the famous "Holiday on Ice" show during its following touring seasons.

In 2004 Norbert Schramm directed for the company "Moments" for their "eon - Hamburg on Ice" event the musical "Der kleine Tag". Set to the lyrical music by Rolf Zukovski, the charming musical fairy tale on ice was a great success.

From 2002 untill 2007 Mr. Schramm was creative director of the ice shows at the Europa Park in Rust in Germany. This leisure park is the number one theme park world wide that is opened seasonally and Germany's biggest amusement park. More than 700'000 visitors came to watch Mr. Schramm's ice shows every year.

In the spring of 2006 Norbert Schramm's ice show "Surprise" performed by his Europa Park ensemble was such a success with audiences at the Bodensee trade show that additional performances were added at the Friedrichshafen trade show. Thousands of people were turned away due to a sold out stadium.

During 2006 and 2007 Mr. Schramm worked on big television productions in Germany. He choreographed the international music and entertainment show "Starnacht im Montafon" produced by Austria's biggest television station ORF. In 2006 he was head coach and consulting ice skating expert on the hit reality show "Dancing on Ice" on the German television network RTL produced by the Granada production company. Due to millions of viewers the ice skating sport was able to attract many new ice skating fans. In 2007 Norbert Schramm developed the ice skating event "Silvester on Ice", a new year's show by the name of "Schlag den Schramm" ("Beat Schramm") for radio Salue.

His company "Norbert Schramm - pure entertainment on ice" casts skaters and other artists for his and others' productions and special events.