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2007 Starnacht im Montafon - ORF Schruns

2006 Wonderland on Ice- Europa-Park Rust

2006 Dancing on Ice - RTL - live

2006 Joy & Happiness - Europa-Park Rust

2006 Surprise - IBO Messe Friedrichshafen

2006 Starnacht im Montafon - ORF Schruns

2005 Wonderland on Ice- Europa-Park Rust

2005 Surprise - Europa-Park Rust

2004 Wonderland on Ice- Europa-Park Rust

2004 HDN - Dinner Show - Oberstdorf

2004 Surprise - Europa-Park Rust

2004 Der kleine Tag - Hamburg

2003 Wonderland on Ice- Europa-Park Rust

2003 Surprise - Europa-Park Rust

2003 Kraft Foods - Dinner Show Oberstdorf

2003 Europapark on Tour Germany

2002 Wonderland on Ice- Europa-Park Rust

2002 New Dimension - Europa-Park Rust

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Ice show: Wonderland on Ice 2005

The most romantic time of the year starts. Christmas on ice and a fascinating ice show on top, they are by now a must visiting Europapark at winter time. This show directed by Norbert Schramm impresses by its marvelous costumes and the successful ralization of a charming Christmas atmosphere.
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All about the show

Where: Eisstadion Europapark Rust, Freiburg, Germany
Client: Europapark Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG
When: 26.11.2005 - 08.01.2006
Shows: 104
Show time: 45 min
Spectator: about 120.000
Idea and story book: Norbert Schramm
Direction and choreography: Norbert Schramm
Production team: Europapark, Mischa;
Music studio: Powerstation;
Costumes: Costum design Carmen Maria Salomon, Europapark;
Probs, curtains & special effects: Gerriets GmbH, Mischa;
Cast: Darya Manoylo Nucci, Fiona Kirk, Kostyantyn Shevchenko, Svitlana Khodakivska, Volodymyr Khodakivskyy, Carl Briggs, Lynsey Wheatley, Olga Rodygina, Sergiy Kodyeyev, Evgeniy Pluta, Grigoriy Petrovskiy, Zoe Hay, Olga Poustovit, Elena Sokolova, Heidi Nurmenkari, Ricardo Sacramento,